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All Inquiries: ourdawnent@gmail.com

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Hey Dawn! You probably don't remember but my older brother and I met you, Drea, and Shannon in Chicago back in 2008 during the DK Welcome to the Dollhouse tour and we're still huge fans! You're amazing and I'm so happy to see you still making amazing music. Keep going girl you're awesome

asked by dadlane

I remember ! Heyyyy love

2 years ago  -  1 note

I have two questions actually. 1) Will your album be released before the year is out? 2) You released a video a while back (A Heart's Introduction Part 2), and in said video, a song played background. The lyrics went a little like "I'll bust the guns for our love. Can't let nobody break us down. Can't let nobody hate on us." What song is that and when or what project will it be released on? PLEASE! <3 #heART!

asked by Anonymous

October. Bust a gun will be on MDMA mix tape 7-30/11

2 years ago  -  0 notes

When are you coming back to L.A.? We need another show!!

I live in lala land

2 years ago  -  1 note

Dawn I love you to life.... you ad your music are my everything... quick question tho... what was the meaning behind the intro and outro to the EP? I swear to everything that the outro is the greatest thing I've ever heard.. there's so much power in truth in that song... what made you want to go that route?

I wanted it to sound like preparation for battle. A call to arms. Strength in sound

2 years ago  -  3 notes

What's your favorite cartoon?

Family guy

2 years ago  -  4 notes

Are you releasing your album this year ? Love your music !

asked by therealsliim

Yes! October !

2 years ago  -  3 notes

Hey Dawn, you're everything!! Who are the top 5 legends (dead or alive) that you would love to work with?

asked by tutankhkrst

Prince. Bjork. Gustav Klimt. Baryshnikov. Karl lagerfeld

2 years ago  -  6 notes

Hey Dawn, I love your music!! I hope that one day you'll get to collaborate with Chris Brown ♥♥

asked by briakr

Love u more. I love Chris. He’s great. Would live to work with him

2 years ago  -  1 note

Hey Dawn, first of all.. i love your music since DK! And i have a question: will you eventually come to germany? Especially to Hamburg? Keep up the good work!

Yes. Germany coming soon. Planning international tour as we speak !

2 years ago  -  4 notes

Hey Dawn...I just wanted to know do you write your own lyrics?..I'm trying to start writing something myself but idk how to start. How do I start?

asked by mr-undazt00d

Yes I write my own lyrics.. Check out the new joint off of the Goldenheart LP #PWT I wrote that with Drew. Trial and error. Get messy. It’s okay to mess up and get it wrong. Keep at it and the melodies will come

2 years ago  -  5 notes

Dance …. 

2 years ago  -  18 notes

So this just makes me Go harder. Thank you hearts. Thank you haters. #1mill on Twitter.

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Vibe vixen style interview tomorrow. #Goldenheart  56 notesReblog
From the Vibe Vixen Interview/Shoot&#8230;. Will be posted tomorrow &#8212;&gt; http://www.vibevixen.com/

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